What’s In The Name?

I spent so long agonising over what name to use when I started this project that my marketing geek friend Bianca got so annoyed with my excessive level of indecision that she flat out refused to help me anymore. That then resulted in me, an engineer, coming up with a name by myself without much thought as to whether it really actually worked. Skids Are For Kids is what I chose, mainly due to the fact that I was so surprised that the .com domain was free, which is for sure not a good reason, or in fact, an excuse for such poor decision making. At the time, I wasn’t too bothered about the name because I thought the chance of someone finding my blog, let alone reading it and liking it, was pretty slim. However, given the exploding popularity of this blog (at least that’s what my mum keeps telling me), and to avoid further embarrassment over the strange choice of name, I decided to change it to 63 Hours.

63 hours, or 3780 minutes, is the time I have between leaving work at 5pm on a Friday afternoon to arriving back in the office at 8am on a Monday morning (I actually work something more like 8:10am until 6:45pm, but 61hoursand25minutes.com does not really roll off the tongue quite so well, does it?). Thats when I do my best to pack in as much stuff that I enjoy as possible and obtain content for this website. I have to admit that I cannot take credit for coming up with 63 Hours, after the first naming debacle, I outsourced that responsibility to my friend Nick who somehow managed to come up with something half decent on about his 4th attempt. Bravo Nick, bravo.