Trans Savoie – Day 1

Wow, that was quite a baptism of fire. Straight onto a lift and into a warm up run down a fun red which presented the first challenge of the day…a couple of sheep.


As we progressed throughout the day, the stages grew in length and technical severity. 500m of vertical in the first stage to around 1000m in the last two stages and a few tricky sections resulting in two big over the bars (one in front of a somewhat bemused French family) and nice grazes on my forearms already. Uncomfortable nights sleep for me tonight. Incredible views, great weather all day and some fantastic trails. I’m exhausted but loved every second. Lots a cool people of all abilities, nationalities and backgrounds. I think I’m currently placed 21st which I’m super happy with considering my cautious riding and multiple crashes. Plenty left in the tank I think.

Some pictures of the day, all taken on the iPhone…

Day 1 of the Trans Savoie enduro race, Val D'Isere.

Incredible views were standard and day 1 would set the tone for the whole week.

Just a selection of the bikes being ridden in the event. In the background are the media guys frantically editing the days video clips. The finished edits can be seen here: Trans Savoie Vimeo

And one last thing, I’m battered, bruised, bleeding and my legs are burning. The last thing I want to see at the end of the day is this….