The Opener

So, here it begins. Yet another blog to clog up the cholesterol inhibited arteries of the interweb. As you’ve probably worked out, this is generally a mountain bike focused website but since I live in Switzerland, there will probably be a fair amount of skiing related posts come winter time. Basically I spend most of my spare time going up and down mountains in some capacity or another and I take a bunch of pictures while doing it. Writing has never been a strong point of mine so I’ll probably be keeping the words to a minimum and photographs to a maximum. Here’s one to kick things off…

Descending just after sunrise from our overnight stop in a Swiss Alpine Hut near Zinal, Switzerland.

Taken towards the end of last summer deep in the Valais region of Switzerland, this image sums up mountain biking in the Swiss Alps for me. Glaciers, big mountains, moraines, rivers, perfect singletrack and old friends to enjoy it with. We had spent the previous day riding and then hiking with our bikes on our backs for almost 2 hours (turns out the trail is not rideable as an ascent) before spending the night in a great Swiss Alpine Club hut high up at about 2800m near that glacier in the background. This was taken just after dawn and we had the trail to ourselves for our descent down to Zinal for breakfast.