What’s In The Name?

I spent so long agonising over what name to use when I started this project that my marketing geek friend Bianca got so annoyed with my excessive level of indecision that she flat out refused to help me anymore. That then resulted in me, an engineer, coming up with a name by myself without much […]

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Cabane du Grand Mountet

Summer was hectic. I spent a month on the road in the U.S. and Canada visiting Deer Valley in Utah and the Sunshine Coast and Whistler in B.C. I also managed to squeeze in a memorable trip to the incredible Grand Teton National Park on the Wyoming/Idaho border. When I returned to Switzerland, I decided to spend […]

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New Year, New Blog

Summer for me was all about obtaining content and evidently not posting any. I have a backlog of images from various mountain adventures to post in the coming days, as well as finishing off this new layout. Just to make this post more interesting, here a couple of images from a small ski tour we did […]

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Vallée Blanche by Moonlight

Sometimes opportunities so rare and unique present themselves to you that it is better to say yes before your sensible side starts to think of reasons to say no. This occurred to me at the weekend when I was asked if I fancied joining a group to ski the Vallée Blanche, a famous high alpine […]

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Cabin Life

I have recently been wanting to do more overnight ski tours and mountain bike rides here in Switzerland and make use of the many mountain huts to do so. When a friend invited a group of us to spend the night at his rustic farm cabin in the mountains close to where I live, I […]

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