McConkey and Into The Mind

In the last couple of weeks I’ve watched two new ski movies that have stood out from the crowd and have left a lasting impression for very different reasons. I’m a stickler for decent camera work and editing in movies so “Into The Mind” was a breath of fresh air compared with the usual samey crap that is released every year. When I watch a ski movie, I want to see big mountain lines, breathtaking scenery and powder snorkeling, not some adolescent skier in baggy pants sliding down rails in a car park. Into The Mind delivers on all aspects (well, there is a baggy pant street skiing scene, but it’s the best I’ve seen) and also wows with awesome footage and astounding editing. The intensity of the movie is on another level. It draws you in, captivates you and overloads your mind with crazy music and spectacular scenes. My brain was buzzing by the time the credits started to roll.

The second movie was the much anticipated “McConkey“. This one was great for an entirely different reason. Shane McConkey was one of the most influential skiers in recent times and was renowned for developing and pushing the limits of, not only skiing, but also base jumping and subsequently, wing-suit ski base jumping (thats skiing off a big cliff whilst wearing a flying squirrel suit). This movie is a tribute to his life and features old footage from back in the day right up until his tragic death in 2009 in the Italian Dolomites. Of course it can’t compete with Into The Mind in terms of the constant eye popping awe of HD clarity since much of the footage was pre digital, but that really doesn’t matter, as its’ lack of resolution is more than made up for in more important areas. This movie is the saddest, most inspiring, goose bump inducing, heart stopping and entertaining action sports production I have ever watched. I have never seen a movie that has put my heart in my mouth and has literally made my pulse race. Even if you are not a skier, Go. Watch. This. Movie.