If someone said you have to make the most of the next 63 hours and do something awesome, what would you do? For the majority of us with regular jobs, 63 hours is how much time you have from leaving work on a Friday at 5pm until returning at 8am on a Monday. The weekend is the time I have for doing things that most definitely do not suck.

I’m a British Engineer, enthusiastic bicycle rider and bad skier, currently lucky enough to live in Switzerland. I spend my 63 hours each week in the summer months riding the vast expanse of incredible alpine singletrack and in the winter I swap the bike for two planks and go searching for the deepest powder I can find. My camera comes with me most of the time so the images I get and the stories that develop in those 3780 minutes are what make up this website.

I hope you enjoy looking at the content as much as I did obtaining it.