What’s In The Name?

I spent so long agonising over what name to use when I started this project that my marketing geek friend Bianca got so annoyed with my excessive level of indecision that she flat out refused to help me anymore. That then resulted in me, an engineer, coming up with a name by myself without much […]

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Grand St Bernard Pass

The weather here in Switzerland is beginning to get depressingly wintery with rain and, at one point, even snow down to about 1200m. A couple of weekends ago however, saw the return of some sun, so I dusted off the trail bike and headed for the high alpine for the first time since the Trans […]

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Swiss Topography

There are many things the Swiss do very well with impeccable efficiency, but unfortunately it almost always ends up emptying your wallet at best and selling a kidney to fund it at worst. It is therefore a very pleasant surprise when you stumble upon something in Switzerland that is both awesome and costs nothing. One […]

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The Opener

So, here it begins. Yet another blog to clog up the cholesterol inhibited arteries of the interweb. As you’ve probably worked out, this is generally a mountain bike focused website but since I live in Switzerland, there will probably be a fair amount of skiing related posts come winter time. Basically I spend most of […]

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