Vallée Blanche by Moonlight

Sometimes opportunities so rare and unique present themselves to you that it is better to say yes before your sensible side starts to think of reasons to say no. This occurred to me at the weekend when I was asked if I fancied joining a group to ski the Vallée Blanche, a famous high alpine […]

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Cabin Life

I have recently been wanting to do more overnight ski tours and mountain bike rides here in Switzerland and make use of the many mountain huts to do so. When a friend invited a group of us to spend the night at his rustic farm cabin in the mountains close to where I live, I […]

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An Evening on the Mountain

Time flies when you’re having fun. We are now halfway through a very bad (snow wise) ski season here in Switzerland and I’ve skied every day of every weekend since Christmas and a bunch of days before that in at least 8 different resorts. I still get to ride my bike at lower altitudes during […]

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McConkey and Into The Mind

In the last couple of weeks I’ve watched two new ski movies that have stood out from the crowd and have left a lasting impression for very different reasons. I’m a stickler for decent camera work and editing in movies so “Into The Mind” was a breath of fresh air compared with the usual samey […]

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