Cabin Life

I have recently been wanting to do more overnight ski tours and mountain bike rides here in Switzerland and make use of the many mountain huts to do so. When a friend invited a group of us to spend the night at his rustic farm cabin in the mountains close to where I live, I was all over it like a rat up a drain pipe.

The bedroom

It was quite a small tour, around an hour, but it took us to a part of the mountain that felt remote and far from civilisation. The cabin was actually a farm hut with half the building set up as a stables and the other half equipped for sleeping with a wood burning stove and some beds. No electricity, no running water, no phone reception and no couch…perfect!

Before hitting the sack we ate dinner, drank some beers, learnt some Swiss German and those of us that pulled the short straw had to wash the dishes outside in the freezing cold. In the morning we woke early to get down the hill and into work on time. Skiing wind blown crusty snow, half asleep and in the dark is far from easy. I’m glad there was no one around to see my horrendous technique.


Passing the time.

Final scores.

And a short time lapse to finish. Unfortunately it’s not in HD because I’m too cheap to buy a Vimeo subscription.